PROFOIL: Inverse Airfoil Design Software

PROFOIL is an advanced computer program focused on the design of isolated airfoils. The software was originally developed and is presently maintained by Michael Selig. As an "inverse" design method, PROFOIL stands apart from traditional "direct" design methods. In direct methods, an existing airfoil shape is analyzed and the geometry is manually tweaked to achieve desired aerodynamic characteristics, often a time-consuming and laborious process. PROFOIL, however, starts with a specified velocity distribution, from which the airfoil shape is derived, streamlining the design process and providing more direct control over the aerodynamic performance.

Key Features of PROFOIL:

PROFOIL's theoretical approach is closely related to the Eppler airfoil design method, making it a familiar tool for those with experience in Eppler code, yet intuitive enough for new users. It's important to note that PROFOIL is not a comprehensive airfoil-design/analysis package. Its strength lies in the inverse design process, with analysis typically conducted using post-processing tools like XFOIL.

For more information, code, and updates, visit the PROFOIL GitHub page.